01 – Piece Movement (How to move the Chess Pieces?) | Chess

Rook, Bishop, Queen, King, Knight, and Pawn

0:58 – Rook
2:02 – Bishop
3:01 – Queen
4:12 – King
5:25 – Knight
8:08 – Pawn

How does the Rook move?
How does the Bishop move?
If the Bishop starts on the dark square, what color square must it land on?
The Queen is the most what in the game?
What two pieces can the Queen move like?
The King is the most what in the game?
How many squares can the King move?
The Knight moves in the shape of what capital letter?
The Knight moves in what pattern?
The Knight is the only piece in the game that can do what?
How does a Pawn normally move?
If the Pawn has never been touched before, how many squares can it move?
What is the only way the Pawn can capture?
What happens when the Pawn reaches to the other side of the board?

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  1. Coach Dat (or anyone who know): on the Knight's movement, you say 2 steps forward and 1 to the side. How about 1 step forward and 2 to the side? Still an L. Is that allowed?

  2. I'm here for my midterm exam in PE. It's a big help thank you so much☺️

  3. What if you dont have extra pieces to promote the pawn when it goes to other side?
    Also the knight it moves in L someone said it can move 1 the slide 2 to the side is that true???
    What if something is in the way say if queen moving your color or other color if its your color u must stop in front of that piece? And if it is other team color u take that piece correct?

  4. Thank you so much this really helped me learn chess

  5. I feel like chess is a great example of easy to learn and hard to master

  6. so
    pon 2 space forward unless capturing which is in a diagonal way
    rook horizontal and vertical
    queen any direction
    king 1 space in any direction
    bishop diagonal
    knight L shape

  7. Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  8. The best and the easiest explanation ever, thank you a bunch 👍

  9. I literally watch 10 video on basic moves and this one is the BEST one. Simple and to the point. Perfecto 👌 thanks

  10. thick thickity thickface from thicktown thickania says:

    Thank you it was very helpful. Your teaching makes it really fun and easy to learn.

  11. You explained pawn can move only one square ahead, everytime it moves, but did not explain why the pawn can also be moved two squares if it has not been moved/touched earlier and is in the starting position.

  12. Im learning chess today, thanks for this tutorial 😍

  13. In serbia bishop is called LOVAC what means HUNTER you'll need it

  14. I don't know why this so satisfying to watch many times also his voice

  15. Queen is not present in chess
    Queen is called minister because in war no queen is participate ok

  16. I like this a lot, thank you for making this a very understandable video.

  17. Dude… not every rook piece in the rold has crenelations. I grew up with rooks that looked liek goblets. hwo do i move those eh?

  18. I have a question. why do we choose what to become when reaching the other side,when clearly turning into a queen would be the best option

  19. Learning chess today! Ty love your patience ❤️

  20. its too usefull to us my kid is learning with this video

  21. Ty bro i have chess compatition and this video help me

  22. This is so well explained. Immensely helpful

  23. Thank you 😊 now I know and understand the game of chess 😊

  24. I watched other videos and really i just understood chess movements here. You have that talent to teach,man.💗👍
    Now that i know the movements i just need to work on the strategies.😄

  25. My friend said queen moved as a square seems like he was wrong

  26. I swear all these other people trying to teach have autism or something.

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